5 Traps To Be Aware Of When Buying New Property

Buying a brand-new property can be an attractive option for many property buyers. With the potential for incentives from the government and the ability to personalise your new home, it's easy to see why. But before you take the plunge, there are some potential traps that could catch you out if you're not careful. In this article, Brisbane ... More

Merbau slat privacy screen fence

15 Types Of Fences That Will Make Your Home Stand Out

Australian architectural styles for homes have evolved over time. Victorian style, Georgian style, and Californian bungalow style homes are seen very often. A common feature in all homes is fencing in the front gardens. Fences improve the security, privacy, safety of a house and create a boundary around it. Some fences are also used to ... More

Colorbond fence

How to Decide What Type of Fence Is Best For Your Property

Looking for a fence for your backyard or patio? People usually build fences around their house when they want privacy in their outdoor space, mask the street view, keep their dogs in or secure the pool. You can have a different purpose, too. If you are looking for some information on choosing the right fence for your property, we have got you ... More

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12 Things That You Should Know Before Building a Fence

Are you planning to build a fence for your home? If yes, then you must already know the importance of having a fence. It largely complements your home. Privacy and security are the added benefits of this investment. Building and installing a fence is a task of great responsibility. Adding a fence around your home doesn’t just improve its ... More