15 Types Of Fences That Will Make Your Home Stand Out

Australian architectural styles for homes have evolved over time. Victorian style, Georgian style, and Californian bungalow style homes are seen very often. A common feature in all homes is fencing in the front gardens. Fences improve the security, privacy, safety of a house and create a boundary around it. Some fences are also used to separate properties.

Fences certainly add beauty and character to your home while distinguishing your property from that of your neighbours. Can’t decide which type of fence to choose for your house? Perhaps picks from these options to make your home stand out from the rest:

1. Pailing Fences

timber high pailing fence

timber pailing fence

Pailing fences have always been a winner when it comes to home fencing. They are usually made from timber and they complement gardens well. Along with a perfect look, you get privacy at the same time. You can choose a range of heights if you want to create a safe and private home environment. These fences are a budget-friendly solution, especially if you need fencing for a large property.

Pailings can either be spaced or closely butted. The most commonly used sizes are 100×15 mm and 75×15 mm.

2. Picket Fences

Picket fences are another popular option if you are up for complimenting your home. The pailings have a shaped top and they are either painted or stained. Windsor, Blank, Malvern, torrens, Osbourne are some of the picket styles to choose from.

They look great with traditional homes. They are mostly used at the front boundary. Some homeowners also use them for block offs to provide a little bit of variety. Pine is one of the predominant materials for creating picket fences. However, timber can be used as well.

3. Steel Fences


metal sliding gate and fence

Steel fences are a great choice in fencing if you are looking for design, durability, and low maintenance. Although steel is prone to catch rust, if treated with a protective coating, you can say goodbye to maintenance. Steel fencing is highly customizable. It doesn’t just add value to your house but reduce the insurance premium.

But there’s a catch. Steel fences don’t have noise reduction quality and they are susceptible to damage (rust and dents).

4. Brick Fences

If you are looking for extra security, nothing can be better than brick fencing. It’s a classic and premium choice. It’s a design mostly opted by a modern homes to create a sleek canvas framing the outdoor space.

Not only brick fences are expensive, but you will also need council approval before installation. But one thing is for sure, they offer a huge amount of durability if everything is done right.

5. Modular Fences

It’s a great option if you are looking for enhanced security and noise reduction quality. They are more of a premium fencing option. The final look of the fence is much similar to a block. It is more like a full brick rendered boundary wall.

6. PVC Fences

If you are looking for a classic white option but you don’t want to take extra care about its maintenance, then PVC fences are for you. They are made from synthetic plastic which makes them durable.

Initially, PVC fencing was introduced to imitate wood fending. Now that manufacturing procedures have improved, PVC fences are available in a variety of textures and colors. PVC fencing is easy and fast to build on flat surfaces as compared to difficult slopes. Once the fencing is installed, no painting or staining is required.

Keep one thing in mind- PVC fences are expensive and they can be affected by the weather as PVC tends to expand and contracts with fluctuation in heat. The plastic can build up mould or become cracked as well.

7. Slat Fences

Merbau slat privacy screen fence

Merbau slat privacy screen fence

It’s the kind of fencing that uses timber or aluminum slat. The design creates neat horizontal lines which makes them a trendy choice for modern homes. Slat fences are installed around gardens, commercial buildings, and even residential properties. They have high endurance to the harsh Australian weather condition as well.

As amazing as they look, they are not very good when it comes noise reduction and privacy.

8. Timber Fences

These fences have been popular for centuries. They are among the most loved type of fences in Australia. The standard paling fences made from timber provide not just privacy, they blend with the surrounding as well. It’s acceptable to build the fence as tall as 2.4 meters.

Timber fences have a timeless design. They can be installed at commercial buildings or used as neighbour fences. They can almost be installed on any side, even a difficult sloped areas.

9. Retaining Walls

Retaining wall with colorbond metal fence

If you are looking for a solution to hold back soil built up during construction, retaining walls make for a perfect choice. The most preferred material for retaining walls is treated pine (as it is resistant to termites and white ants). The size of the timber and spacing depends on the height of the wall required. Sometimes, steel posts are combined with pine whaling if large load is to be carried.

10. Glass Fences

Glass fences are used around pools, staircase, decks, and balconies to provide security and add aesthetics. You can either go for a framed or frameless panel. Frameless is more expensive as a slightly thicker glass is required.

Glasses fences are mostly seen in luxury homes. They can make a small yard look bigger as your eyes can’t determine the boundary. Unlike wooden fences, it does not block the view. They can suit any type of garden design. If taken care of properly, glass fences can last for a lifetime.

11. Wire Fences

You will rarely see wire fences around modern houses in Australia. These fences are mostly used as perimeter fences or to keep the livestock locked. In the old times, wired fences were used as a replacement for timber rails as they got expensive with time.

These fences are incredibility affordable and easy to replace. They don’t really offer privacy or add to the aesthetic value of the property. That’s why they are mostly found in rural areas.

12. Brushwood Fences

Brushwood fencing panels are designed to give your backyard a natural and beautiful look. They are low maintenance and they offer enhanced privacy. They can be installed on all types of slopes. They don’t retain heat which makes them friendly to trees, shrubs, and flowers in the garden. They are natural white ant resistant.

Brushwood is made from Melaleuca Uncinata. Its average life span ranges from 20 to 25 years. It’s versatile, requires less maintenance and it can improve the value of your property.

13. Colorbond fences

Colorbond fence with lattice

These fences are made from Colorbond steel. It’s a pre-painted steel product. Its inner base is made of zincalume steel. It is coated with a special colour coating to create the Colorbond and pressed into different profiles suitable for fencing.

Colorbond fences make for a great fencing option for homes. It is available in 14 different colours and it complements traditional and modern homes alike. This fencing is more like a smooth panel. There are no footholds and you cannot see through the fence. If you are looking for both privacy and security, Colorbond fences fit the criteria well. The fencing itself is strong and easy to maintain. It is made from steel, therefore, it will last for a long time. The added benefit is that it’s not susceptible to rust, corrode or termites.

14. Wrought iron fences

Wrought iron fences are best for providing transparency and they are attractive too. Although the name says wrought iron, the fence is made of steel featuring a wrought iron design. This type of fencing is expensive no doubt but it can increase the value of your property and enhance its curb appeal.

Wrought iron fence can be heavy on your wallet. However, you can go for its cheaper version that is made of galvanized steel. Make sure you check the zinc rating of the metal before buying.

15. Vinyl fences

If you are one of the DIY homeowners, vinyl fencing is for you. It’s versatile, it’s lightweight and it’s simple to install. To add to the lifespan of the fence, vinyl also contains aluminium. It is also one of the cheapest options when it comes to fencing. It doesn’t require much maintenance either. It is available in a variety of colours and textures so you will probably find something that complements the look of your house.

However, there is a downside. Vinyl fences are prone to get damaged in extreme weather conditions. If you want your vinyl fence to be resistant to weather and become durable, you must choose virgin vinyl fencing. It’s a professional grade material.

Now depending on your budget, you can improve the aesthetics of your property by choosing from the options above. With a little homework, you can pick fencing that improves the value of your home without breaking your bank.


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