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Merbau fencing is a great option. Merbau is versatile wood that can be used in most situations. Merbau is great for fencing, privacy screening, decking and many other outdoor applications in and around Melbourne. 

Merbau fence pales/slats can be attached horizontally or vertically depending on your preference. Fence posts can be made of timber or galvanised iron based on your preference. Other options include exposed posts, capping and double-sided palings so that you don’t see the fence rails from either side.

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What Is Merbau Timber?

Merbau is hardwood made from an Intsia bijuga tree. Common names for this species of tree are ipilmerbaukwila, Borneo teakJohnstone River teakMoluccan ironwoodPacific teak and scrub mahogany.

Merbau is a type of tree in the pea family (Fabaceae) that grows to around 50 metres tall. Merbau is native to the Indo-Pacific ranging from Tanzania through Madagascar, India, Queensland, Australia to the Pacific islands of Fiji and Samoa.

Why use Merbau?


There are a number of reasons to use Merbau such as:

Looks great

A Merbau fence gives classy look and feel to your property and a great way to enhance and add value to your home. If you have ever seen a Merbau fence you will know what I mean. It looks great! It has a rich colour and wood grain.

Its colour is yellowish to orange-brown and turns brown after being exposed to air. Its wood grain is straight to slightly interlocked with variable luster.

Though it can look great without oiling, staining or painting, it can also look even better if these are done well.  


Merbau is known for its durability, which is attributed to its natural oils.  This durability enables it to endure high temperatures, variable climates, saltwater and it is even highly termite resistant. This means that it is ideal for outdoor use for applications such as furniture, decking, fencing and a range of other applications. 

Resistant to Splitting, Cracking and Shrinking

Merbau is known for its resistance to cracking, splitting and shrinking even in outdoor environments. Tannin, Merbu’s natural oil, helps to prevent the timber from shrinking, cracking and splitting and gives it that a high level of strength.

Note: Tannin (Merbau’s natural oils) is also what helps to protect it from saltwater and rainwater.

Low Maintenance

Due to its high durability, it is very low maintenance even under harsh conditions even without being chemically treated (unlike pine that requires chemical treatment to increase its durability).



The biggest disadvantage of Merbau is the upfront cost in comparison to cheaper types of wood. Pine can be a cheaper option but may not last as long. You may also be interested in reading about: wood paling fence builder, Colorbond fence construction or steel fence installation

Merbau Privacy Screens 

Merbau is a great option to use in a privacy screen. Screens with horizontal Merbau slats are gaining popularity in Melbourne and surrounding areas including around water and properties close to the ocean and subject to salt spray.

Merbau slat privacy screen fence

Merbau slat privacy screen fence

Common applications for Merbau Screens are: 

  • around swimming pools
  • at the front of a property to increase privacy from the street
  • in back yards to increase privacy from overlooking neighbours


Gates can also be made with Merbau and in the same style as the rest of the fence so that it is aesthetically pleasing. Your fence will look great and so will your Merbau gate! 


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