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Types of fences

Connect with pros who can install and repair a wide range of styles including timber, both pailing and picket, Colorbond, galvanized or LLDPE-coated steel wire, tubular, chain mesh, plastic and other types of residential options. These can also be integrated with a retaining wall. Need the install of commercial and hoarding barriers? Need custom fencing options, not a problem! Connect with pros who can help no matter what the job!

Get service in metropolitan Melbourne’s northern, eastern and western suburbs and areas near to Melbourne with  Colorbond, picket, cyclone, timber, acoustic and custom fences or other needs. This also includes gate installation and repair.

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Timber Pailing

Timber pailing fencing is an economical option when you are on a budget as it is often the most affordable. A timber paling is on average a cheaper alternative. Pailing is a very common option for boundary fences in Victoria. Fence posts can be traditional timber or galvanized steel and are usually submerged to 450mm, up to 700mm depending on soil type. In some cased deep holes may be required. However, despite the low cost, it still looks great!  Get a quote on the price of your project!

timber high pailing fence

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Timber Picket

Timber picket fencing can look great, especially at the front of your home. A range of different sizes, styles, and colours are available in this type of fence and can be supplied and installed integrated with gates.


Merbau fences are great feature material to use for custom fencing and screening around your home or property. Merbau is a versatile timber that works well with most homes. This type of wood is often used in privacy screening in horizontal slat fences. 


Colorbond Fencing is another great option. Colorbond comes in a wide range of colours, styles and heights. You can find a colour and style to match your home. Color bond is also available at a reasonable cost and can last you for many years. Contact us about installing Colorbond fencing panels for your property. Colorbond gates also look great. 

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Colorbond fence with lattice

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Security Fencing – Metal (Wrought Iron, Tubular Aluminium & Steel)

Do you want metal Security Fencing? How about a Wrought iron Aluminium or steel fence built for your home? Aluminum or tubular steel can be used for security fencing your property border or pool? Get a quality pool barrier installed to help protect your family and friends. It is better to be safe than sorry. Many property owners love metal custom fences.

Chain Link

Need to install chain link fences (also known as chain wire)? There are a range of sizes and styles available. Common applications include:

  • Sports grounds and facilities
  • Perimeter barriers for commercial and industrial sites
  • Utilities: water, gas, electricity
  • Rail
  • Education
  • Airports

Glass Fencing (Pool Fencing)

Need to install glass pool fences? Glass fences are great for pool fencing as not only do they provide an effective barrier but you can have a clear unobstructed view of the pool. This is great for peace of mind to be able to easily see who, if anyone, is in your pool, especially if you have young children.

Fencing and Gates

You may also need or want gating services that match the style to your fence. Get quotes for gate and fence installation. Such as:

  • steel gates (including frames);
  • wrought iron gates (find out about custom designs and prices);
  • aluminum gates (find out about costs and styles)
  • timber gates (e.g. timber side, pailing)
  • driveway gates (including sliding driveway gates, cheap driveway gates, timber driveway gates, aluminum driveway gates, aluminum single swing driveway gates, electric & automatic gates for driveways);
  • modern gates (new designs and styles to match the modern home)
  • security gates (folding and sliding security gates);
  • garden gates (metal & wood) for side or rear access;
  • front fences and gates
metal sliding gate and fence

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commercial fence and sliding gate

Recent commercial work

Automatic Electric Gates

If you want to go a bit more high tech you could opt for an automatic electric gate. Depending on your property a swing or sliding automatic gate may be best.

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