Security Fencing In Melbourne

Keep your home or commercial property safe with a heavy duty high-quality security fence. By using security fencing you can provide perimeter security and prevent unauthorised access and improve the overall safety of your property.

We can supply and install a wide range of types of security fences to properties in Greater Melbourne and surrounding areas. This means that you can be sure to get one that meets your needs.

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Strong and Sturdy Security Fences

Some popular security fences types include steel or aluminium palisade fences, Hercules fences, tubular fences, weldmesh fences, chain mesh fences and barbed wire.

Security fencing is perfect for schools, sports grounds, office buildings, shopping centres, warehouses, factories, other industrial properties, government facilities, aged care facilities, apartment complexes, caravan parks and medical centres.

How high should a security fence be?

One of the key features of a security fence is that it is taller than a normal fence. To be truly secure a good security fence should be at least 2.4 meters high. A taller fence makes it more difficult for people (and intruders) to climb. Other important features of a security fence is the lack of places to grip when trying to climb, a top that is difficult to hold (pointy or spiky), no horizontal rails on the outside that could assist climbing, a sturdy construction and secure entry (security gate).

How much does security fence cost?

The cost of security fencing will depend on the option that you choose. Generally, the cost of security fencing starts at $100 per meter. Gates are more expensive and start at ~$500 for a small simple gate and get more expensive for larger ones and different tyles.

What is the best security fence?

A wide range of fence types can be used for security fencing. Each option has pros and cons depending on the application, level of security required and cost.

– Wooden or timber fencing. This is the least secure but cheapest option.
– Wooden hoarding.
– Heras fencing / temporary fencing. This is used when the fence will not be permanently installed.
– Chain link fencing / Chain mesh fencing.
– Metal hoarding / Colorbond fencing.
– Weldmesh fencing / Mesh panel fencing.
– Palisade fencing / Tubular fencing.
– High-security fencing. – This is the most secure but most expensive option.

Fence & Gate Installation Options

Not only can we supply and install security fencing in Melbourne. We can also supply and install gates (including electric automatic gates), retaining walls and complete fencing packages. We have the best security fencing Melbourne has to offer!

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