Tubular Aluminium Fencing

Tubular Aluminium is a good material for fencing. It looks great, is durable, long-lasting, rust proof and cheaper than some other types of fences such as wrought iron. This type of fence is great for security fencing.

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Tubular Aluminium Fencing In Melbourne

Get quotes for the supply and install tubular Aluminium and steel fencing to meet your fencing needs. Tubular Aluminium fences are suitable for a range of applications including security fencing on houses, townhouses, apartment complexes, shops, offices, warehouses, factories, schools, pre-schools, childcare centers and swimming pools or as garden fencing.

Aluminium tubular fencing is strong yet lightweight and does not rust. This makes it perfect for use around swimming pool areas and in the garden where rust may be an issue and is a good alternative to frameless glass pool fencing or semi frameless glass pool fencing. Ask us about Aluminium tubular pool fencing.

The posts can either be installed in-ground or installed on a base (concrete etc..) above ground.

Aluminium tubular fencing can be installed in a range of styles (flat top, loop top, picket top) and colors so you can be sure to get something that matches your application.

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Tubular Aluminium Gates In Melbourne

To match an Aluminium tubular fence, you need a tubular Aluminium gate. Get fencing quotes for the supply and installation tubular  Aluminium gates with or without fencing throughout Greater Melbourne and surrounding areas.

Aluminium (or Aluminum as spelled in the USA) is great for pool gates as it will not rust and is light yet strong. Great for a sliding gate or automatic sliding gate, swing gates, double gates and driveway gates.

If you need a new pool gate contact us asap. Pool safety is no joke, keep your kids safe!


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Why use tubular Aluminium for your fence?

Aluminium tubular fencing does not rust. If Aluminium is oxidized (the process of rusting) it forms a barrier of Aluminum oxide that prevents rusting. This makes this type of fence weatherproof. Wood or some other forms of fencing can deteriorate in harsh weather.

How much does tubular Aluminium fencing cost per meter in Melbourne?

Though tubular Aluminium fences cost more than timber fencing it is still great value for money. Aluminium tubular fencing prices typically starts at $60 per metre up to $75+ per metre but the average cost is $65 per meter.

How much do tubular Aluminium gates cost?

Aluminium Tubular gates start at $79 per metre and can cost up to $450 per metre for sliding gates.

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Factors that influence the price include:

The price can depend on a range of factors such as:

  • The size (small jobs are more expensive in $ per meter)
  • The complexity of the job (more complex jobs are more expensive in $ per meter).
  • Number of corner posts required
  • The slope of the site (high slopes can add cost)
  • If the fenceline need to be cleared
  • If an existing fence needs to be demolished and/or removed.
  • Gates usually adds complexity.

How long does it take to install an aluminium tubular fence?

Installation time will depend on the size of the fence being installed. However, a typical installation usually takes about two days to install once construction has started.

What other types of metal fences are available?

Get the supply and install a wide range of fence types. Other metal fence types available include:

Tubular Steel fencing


Wrought Iron

Chain link

See more about tubular fencing.

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