Picket Fence installation in Melbourne

Live the Australian dream with the installation of a new picket fence at your home. Having a picket fence, particularly at the front of your property, is a great looking fencing option and often referred to as part of the “the Australian dream”. You too can live the dream with a new picket fence installed in your Melbourne property. 

Types of Picket Fences

Picket fences come in a wide range of types or styles. Some of them include:

  • Wooden Fence Pickets
  • Cedar Fence Pickets
  • Pine Fence Pickets
  • Redwood Fence Pickets
  • Pressure Treated Fence Pickets
  • White Picket Fence
  • Vinyl Picket Fence
  • Picket Fence Panels
  • Composite Picket Fence Panels
  • French Gothic Picket Fence
  • Metal Picket Fence
  • Aluminum Picket Fence
  • DIY Picket Fence
  • Rustic Picket Fence
  • Pallet Picket Fence

Picket fence cost / price in Melbourne

Prices of picket fences can vary depending on the size (height and length) , style, materials used, complexity (gates, slope of the property), if the fence line needs to be cleared, if an existing fence needs to be demolished and removed, your location and other factors.

However,  generally speaking, the  cost of a picket fence starts at about $180 per metre if it is relatively simple and unpainted and increase from there. 

Picket Fence Advantages & Disadvantages


  • Looks great and can add value and function to your property
  • Can help keep pets and other animals in or out of your yard
  • Being sea through help give a feeling of an open space
  • Can be less expensive than some other types of fences like stone
  • Can be easy to maintain if unpainted


  • Needs to be maintained, especially if painted
  • You need to choose a style that matches your home or property features
  • Doesn’t provide much privacy

Is a picket fence right for you and your property? There are other great options available. See: Colorbond fence builder or Timber paling fence construction.


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