Chain Mesh Fence Installers

Need a chain link fence built on your property? We can provide a range of chain link fencing options for different fencing needs. We can also assist with the removal of your existing old fence if required.

Why Choose A Chain Mesh Fence?

We want  our customers to get great value with their purchase. Here are some reasons to choose a chain link fence: 

  • Durability & long lasting: Chain mesh is very rust and corrosion resistant. This type of fence can last for a very long time. 
  • Flexibility: These can be used for a range of applications, farms, commercial properties, industrial properties. A chain link fence can provide a good level of security for many applications.
  • Ease of installation: Installation is not complicated. The most demanding part is the post holes to ensure secure construction. 
  • Low Maintenance: Unlike wooden fences, chain link is very easy to maintain. The only real maintenance is washing, which can usually be done with a hose.

There are some applications where you may want to use a different type of fence. Some other great options are: wood paling fences, Colorbond fenceswrought iron fences or picket fences.


 Chain wire is highly versitile and are ideal for a huge array of applications. Such as: 

  • Outdoor basketball courts
  • Tennis court fencing
  • Cricket practice nets
  • Baseball nets
  • Factory enclosures
  • Temporary protective fences
  • Building site enclosures
  • Internal factory partitions



chain mesh fencing

Chain mesh fence with barbed wire top

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