Colorbond Fence Maintenance Guide

Guide to maintaining your Colorbond fence

Your fence is an important part of your property. You can make your Colorbond fence to last as long as possible by following this simple Colorbond fence maintenance guide.

If you follow this guide your Colorbond fence will continue to look great for longer.

Professional installation

The first step in having a long-lasting fence is to have it installed by a professional fence builder. A professional fencing contractor will make sure that it is installed correctly and there is not excessive pressure on panels or other problems that can lead to loose bolts, wobbly posts or other issues.

Colorbond fence with lattice

Keep above ground

Colorbond is designed to be installed above ground. If the bottom of your fence is submerged in the soil it can become scratched corroded. Clear away any soil that is piled against your fence so that there is a small gap between the bottom of the fence and the ground. This will also make sure that any water can flow under the gap.

Washing your Colorbond fence

Washing your Colorbond fence can keep it in good condition. We recommend that you wash your Colorbond fence using a soft sponge with soap and warm water. Avoid using abrasive materials like a scourer. If you scrub with an abrasive material you risk scratching the fence or causing uneven colouration spots on the fence.

Best Soap Type for Colorbond

Ordinary soap or carwash soap is all you need to wash your fence. Avoid sugar soap (sugar soap is NOT suitable for washing Colorbond and is likely to damage your fence). After cleaning your fence with soap, rinse thoroughly with tap water for an even finish.


Scratch may look bad but you should not try to paint them. Colorbond is a special type of coating that is bonded to the steel (the name comes from the color bonded to steel). Trying to paint scratches with normal paint is unlikely to work well and will most likely stand out and look bad.

Graffiti removal

Graffiti looks really bad. However, you should NOT try to paint over it or use harsh chemicals on a Colorbond fence as you can void your warranty. Chemicals such as Acetone, Methylethyl Ketone, Toluene, Thinners or commercial paint strippers can damage Colorbond and void your warranty, do not use them. DuPontâ„¢ Graffiti Remover (EZ-3463) has previously been recommended by Bluescope steel (the makers of Colorbond).

Lichen & Fungus removal

Lichen and fungus can grow lots of different types of surfaces and Colorbond is no exception. usually on the shady south side out of the direct sunlight. Lichen and fungas can be removed with household bleach (hypochlorite). Remember to wear gloves and other safety protection (read the material safety data sheet or the container for instructions). Be sure to wash off the bleach with tap water after use.

Pool Water

Pool water can contain chemicals like chlorine or salt. These chemicals are essential to keep your pool water clean but can be corrosive to your Colorbond fence. If you splash pool water on your Colorbond fence, you can wash down the fence with fresh tap water or if that is not possible, wipe your fence down with a cloth. A glass pool fence is a better choice near a pool.

Garden Fertilisers & Chemicals

Garden fertilisers, pesticides and other chemicals may make your plants grow but you should avoid getting them on your fence.Garden chemicals can damage your fences. If you accidentally get some garden fertilisers or other garden chemicals on your Colorbond fence you can rinse it off with tap water.

Weight against the fence

Colorbond fences are very strong. However, it is not recommended to lean or stack a heavy weight against it. That could cause unsightly dents in your fence.

Low Maintenance

Colorbond is a very low maintenance material which makes it great for fence building. With normal use, your fence should last for a very long time. Just follow this simple guide for a long lasting fence.

Retaining wall with colorbond metal fence

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