How to Decide What Type of Fence Is Best For Your Property

Looking for a fence for your backyard or patio? People usually build fences around their house when they want privacy in their outdoor space, mask the street view, keep their dogs in or secure the pool. You can have a different purpose, too. If you are looking for some information on choosing the right fence for your property, we have got you covered.

This guide will help you decide what type of fence will be the right choice for your property:

Determine the purpose

So why do really want to build a fence? Here are the possible reasons and the choice you have depending on each reason:

  • To gain privacy: Are you looking for some privacy? In that case, you need a fence that has little to no space between its boards. The height of the fence will depend on the slope of your yard as well as that of your neighbors, the position of your seating area and, of course, the building code in your area.
  • To shield the wind: Some homeowners want to build a fence to block strong breezes. If you don’t want to lose the view and the light as you add the fence, your best bet is a glass fence. Since you just want to keep the wind out, it’s totally fine to have a lower fence.
  • To add security: If you are adding a fence for security reasons, the taller the fence, the better. The right height, in that case, is 8 feet. However, you might want to check the permissible height for the fence as per the law in your area. Make sure there are no horizontal rails on the outside of the fence.
  • To block the street view: When your home is located on a busy street and you wish to have a peaceful space in your backyard, you definitely need to make the right fence decision. You can go for a frosted glass fence. It will offer privacy but it won’t block the light. You can also pick a fence having narrow gaps if you want to let the light in.
  • To keep the dog in: Before picking a fence to keep your dog inside, you need to know whether your dog is a digger or a jumper. If he is a digger, the fence needs to be buried at least 6 inches underground. You can also install hardscaping along the fence line to prevent the digging. On the other hand, if he is a jumper, how high is he capable of jumping. For dogs who don’t jump, a 3 to 4 feet fence is adequate. If you have a big dog, you will definitely need a taller fence.
  • To secure the pool: Whether you have kids or not, it’s always best to secure your pool with fencing. As per the Australian fencing standards for pools, the fence shouldn’t have wide gaps from where a toddler can escape. It must be at least 1.2 meter high. It must not have any climbing footholds.

What’s your budget?

Another factor on which your purchase depends is your budget. Wooden fences are a classic option and they are relatively cheaper. They can last up to 15 years.

Vinyl fences (which are a combination of both wood and plastic) are even cheaper as compared to wood. They don’t require painting and they are low maintenance. They can last for 20 years.

Aluminum, steel or wrought iron fences vary in style and design. They offer extra security too. They can also last for about 20 years. They are the most expensive options in fencing but they are durable.

Can you spend time and money on maintenance?

Front fenceDon’t want to spend much time and money on the maintenance of the fence? Then you can either choose vinyl or Aluminum fence, depending on what you can afford.

Wooden fences are one of the hardest fences to maintain. You have to get the paint re-touched almost every year or whenever the wood gets stained. Even though wooden fences are susceptible to damage, they are easy to repair. Aluminium fences, on the other hand, if damaged are hard to repair. It can be difficult to find a material that matches the rest of the fence.


Restrictions or neighbourhood fence regulations

As per the municipality zone department, there are certain limitations on the size and location of the fencing. You need to be aware of the ones in your local area. You can’t just install any type of fencing.

For instance, in Victoria, as per the Victorian Fences Act 1968, you don’t need a building permit if the dividing fence is below 2 meters in height. If you are going to need a building permit, then you will need the services of a licensed building surveyor also. If it is an adjoining fence, you will need the collaboration of your neighbor as well.

The style of your home

Iron gate

Last but not least, the type of fence you choose depends on the style of your home.

If you have a country-style home, the timeless option is a wooden fence. It will complement the look of your home and you will maintain a barrier at the same time.

If you have a beach home, then vinyl fencing will be best. It requires low maintenance and it appeals the eye as well.

If you have a Hampton styled home, white picket fence would make your home look magical. Such homes usually have white plantation shutters. It’s best to stick to a fencing style that not just complements the house but is simple in design. Apart from picket fencing, you can also choose Colorbond panel or slat fencing.

For most people, choosing the right fence for their property is a daunting task. Before making your final decision, get quotes from our fencing company. Tell us about your fence choice as well. We will help you determine if it’s the right choice for your property and your family. We hope this guide reduces your worry and help you make the best purchase decision.

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