Neighbours & Fences

Do I need my neighbors permission to build a fence?

If you intend to construct a fence that is above the minimum height, you need to get your local council permission. Your neighbour will need to pay half the cost of the minimum fence height and you need to pay the of the fence above the minimum height unless your neighbor agrees to pay for the increased fence height.

Do Neighbours pay for fences?

Sometimes I hear people say “my neighbour wont pay for half of the fence“. Yes, neighbours need to help pay for the fecnce between the two properties.

You can find some useful resources here:

Which side fence do I own?

In Australia, you usually co-own fences on all sides with the adjoining neighbour.  You also own the fence at the roadside of your property.

Which side does the fence rails or pails go on?

There is no rule about which side the rails or pails go on. You will need to negotiate this with your neighbour. If you can’t agree then maybe you should get a type of fence that does not have rails like a colorbond fence. There are both advantages and disadvantages of having the rail side or the pail side facing your property. The pail side may be nicer to look at (an advantage) but if the rails are on your side, you can also use the rails as like a ladder to look over the fence (if you want to see what your neighbour is up to or maybe see where your ball went if it went over into your neighbours back yard).

Can I put a fence on my property line?

Yes, you can but you need permission from your local council before you build it.

How high can a fence be between Neighbours?

Check with your local council. See some resources: Fencing rules & regulations Melbourne.

Fence options

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